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  1. Obligatory “Do you like scary movies?” comment.

    May go back and re-watch the series before next week. I don’t believe I’ve seen SCREAM 4 since it came out.

    Question though, will you guys be covering the TV series? I haven’t watched any of the episodes yet since it’s a MTV show, but if you guys are going to be looking at it some, I might as well.

    • Sal, they mentioned doing the Scream franchise review in conjunction with the TV series. Releasing an episode each of the next three weeks coincides with the conclusion of season 1 for the series, so I’m guessing it will include a discussion on it.

      Speaking of the series, I’ll admit that it’s become somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s not good, but it’s not terrible either. It also plays more like a mystery/police procedural than the film franchise. And, naturally, it’s heavy on the teen drama since it is an MTV production.

      Generally, I would say it’s worth checking out, but I also don’t get the impression that you would like it at all.

      • I know they had mentioned reviewing the SCREAM series after being able to check out the debut of the TV series, but I couldn’t remember if they were going to watch the entire TV series or just the first episode to get a feel for it.

  2. Oh man! Now you’re playing my jam! I love SCREAM and I love the sequels even if they’re basically a carbon copy of the original.

    • And I’ve seen 1-3 super recently, so they’re still very fresh in my mind. I have to seek out 4 though. I haven’t revisited it since it came out in theaters.

      • The fate of certain people in SCREAM 4 annoyed me. At the end of the day, it didn’t feel like there was much of a point to having a third sequel.

          • It’s not a bad movie by any stretch of the means, just ultimately a bit pointless due to the outcome of everyone at the end. I likely wouldn’t even have that opinion had there not been eleven years between SCREAM 3 and SCREAM 4.

          • Yeah, I actually like 4, for what it is. The length of time between 3 and 4 was big, but sort of necessary given the premise of 4. In that sense, I think they handled it well. Also, the opening sequence of 4 is such perfect, self-referential humor that speaks directly to that long period of time in between films.

            Man, I love this franchise.

            • I only got half way through my SCREAM 4 re-watching before I had to stop it to do some things, but it was shaping up to being my second favorite SCREAM movie. I love that they brought the series back to Woodsboro, a place I found myself missing especially with SCREAM 3.

              The big question is whether I’m enjoying SCREAM 4 more with this re-watch or that I found more issues with SCREAM 2 and 3 that the fourth film automatically gets moved up to being the second best SCREAM.

        • Hmmm your Netflix over in Cleavo must be different than mine because SCREAM 4 isn’t available for streaming down here in the dirty souf :/

          • That or Dino just revealed he’s using a VPN to get access to every country’s Netflix.

            Of course, I’m just guessing because I most certainly have never done this to see what other movies are being offered across the world. Would never even dream of it.

  3. WOOHOO!!!

    A found footage episode and then three weeks of Scream franchise coverage?! I feel like one of those teenage girls on the Scream TV series – like, OMG, I totally can’t contain myself!!!

        • “I wondered if that was part of the reason we weren’t seeing you around as much.”

          Not at all, I’m still very much enjoying the episodes but I’ve just been busier than usual. I actually meant to write an obnoxiously long and cantankerous critique of the “found footage” sub-genre in the comments of the last episode but haven’t been able to find the time.

          • Also we’ve only actually had one HMP episode in the last month! So there’s been slightly less to comment on than usual. Or at least a deficit of Jay’s insane-yet-provocative statements that would normally incite me to pen vast rage fuelled responses.

        • Haha, well I’m somewhat exaggerating. As I’ve mentioned in the past I have come round to “Scream” quite a bit recently. And I have faith that you guys could podcast about Agricultural Equipment Catalogues and still make it interesting and fun.

  4. I’m really looking forward to this! I’ve always enjoyed this franchise (save for the 3rd film) and can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. And I’m actually kind of enjoying the TV series.

  5. I’m not sure where the best place to put this, but I went to start downloading Horror Metropolis, but the streaming player no longer appears in the individual threads for any of the shows. The only way to find the streaming player or a download link is to go through the main page and keep hitting the “Older posts” link until you come to the right page. You can still download old shows that way, but it’s a bit of a chore.

    • I will bring this up to Jay when we talk tonight to review Scream 2 with Matt and Liz from The Sci-Fi Podcast. That’s just a little tease. Oh, and a new episode of TSFP is up to tide you over. New Movie Stream Cast late tonight.

      • I’m fairly sure the streaming player issue is something that just happened, possibly with the introduction of the new streaming player that the site is now using.

        Great to hear a new episode of Movie Stream Cast is coming tonight.

        I haven’t listened to any of the Sci-Fi Podcast yet, but I have liked William Rowan Jr in his appearances on HMP, particularly the bears episode.

  6. *HEAVY BREATHING* Scream is my favorite franchise and I’ve just been patiently waiting for someone to cover it! I’m so excited for this!

  7. Hey Juan and anyone who likes anime…I’d like your thoughts on Attack on Titan if you’ve seen it…I think its a great kiaju series…

    • It’s rare for me to enjoy a modern anime but I actually really like “Attack on Titan”. Some of the CGI elements aren’t to my taste (I just feel that the combination of computer graphics with traditional animation is something they’ve yet to properly perfect) but otherwise I love it. The characters are interesting, the world is beautifully designed and the Titans themselves are truly horrifying and strange. They remind me of the Yokai legend of Gashadokuro; a giant roaming skeleton that would snatch up travellers and bite off their heads. In fact that very well maybe where the inspiration came from.

    • Shannon,

      I’m actually more well versed in older anime. I’ve been out of touch with anime with the exception of a few series and anything Miyazaki. I’ve heard a lot about this ATTACK ON TITAN and given the imagery I’ve seen, it looks like something I would like. My brother and a few other friends really like it and they’ve been trying to get me to watch it, but there’s just no time for the wicked. Give me time and I’ll try to catch up on it.


      I’m even more excited about this show now that I know it has your blessings (totally non-sarcastic comment by the way). The incorporation of the CGI into the traditional animation doesn’t bother me as much, but there are shows that do it better than others, that’s for sure. In a perfect world though, I would prefer it all to be animation. What did you think of the use of CGI in GHOST IN THE SHELL? I’m curious if you dug it. I thought it complimented the movie and its themes quite well.

      • I’m ashamed to say that it’s been so long since I saw “Ghost in the Shell” that I struggle to remember. I think that was way back when CGI still seemed innovative and stylish rather than overused and chintzy. I also imagine it seemed more organic to that futuristic cyberpunk world than the more olde worlde style setting of “Attack on Titan”. Either way it’s not too much of a big deal so long as the characters, story and world are compelling and interesting enough.

  8. Scream is a great franchise! My wife and I watch it periodically through the year. They are some of our favorite movies as a couple. The TV show is pretty good too. My only regret in this whole franchise is

    **** SPOILERS ****

    the Death of Randy in Scream 2! Love Randy, why did he have to die!

  9. Finished up SCREAM 3 in my rewatch project. One thing I didn’t remember from my previous views was how tame it was. I had some serious flashbacks to the later FRIDAY THE 13TH sequels when the MPAA was forcing them to remove any sort of gore.

    Did SCREAM 3 have any issues with the MPAA or something to explain why deaths seemed more tame than the other two movies?

    • Tamer in what way, Sal? I actually thought it felt more brutal than the second one (but less so than the first). Perhaps it was that opening scene that set the mood, but I was thrilled right from the get-go. Now you’re making me doubt myself. I guess watching it once more wouldn’t hurt 😉

      • Tamer in a lot of ways. Less blood, less shots of the kills with the camera focusing elsewhere instead of on the wound, and not even relying on showing actual stabbing deaths. I’m currently in the middle of re-watching SCREAM 4 and the differences is astounding. The first “Main” death of someone (AKA not the opening scene) has more blood in that single scene than all of SCREAM 3.

        It’s something I may not even notice if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve been watching all four movies within days of each other.

    • Spoiler for Part 2 of our Scream discussion, but Sal is correct that there was a lot of pressure on Craven from both the studio and the MPAA to cut violence and gore from Scream 3 due to Colombine. Craven really stood his ground, but they were much more careful and deliberate about how they proceeded than they had been before.

    • Nice! I’m already loving what I’m seeing. It’s like The Fly, but with a spider? Nice way to turn that premise around.

      Thanks El Duderino!

      • I’m not sure if it is a spider as they referred to the bite as that of an “insect” in the trailer but I guess that could just be a casual mistake by the character or a lazy mistake by the writer. Either way I’m a little intrigued.

  10. Guys! The new episode of The Sci-Fi Podcast is up and it is FANTASTIC. I can say that because I had NOTHING to do with it. If you’re a Kyle Bishop fan, you’ve got to check out Brian Patchett over on TSFP. He’s the Dr. Walking Dead of science fiction and he schools the crew on the REAL science behind time travel for over two hours, while reviewing the latest Terminator movie. It is SO good! SO, so, so, so good!

  11. Just a heads-up to everybody, I got an email from Jay this morning that said the podcast will go up this evening. He was trying to get it up before he left to work this morning, but had an issue with a podcast client, and it will have to wait until he gets home. He promised it won’t be super late, like 11:59pm, but still later this evening.

    • Good news is that there were new episodes of Movie Stream Cast, Movie Podcast Weekly and The Sci-Fi Podcast this week. Also, fo any Survivor fans out there, head over to moviestreamcast.com and take part in my Survivor challenge.

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