31 Days of Halloween — Day 22: Eraserhead (1977) — by Frank the Fiend

31 Days of Halloween - Eraserhead 1977

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I was in college when I experimented with Eraserhead (1977) for the first time. My buddy, who was a fellow philosophy major, told me I had to watch it. He was the pretentious sort and couldn’t offer any real substantive discussion about the plot prior to the showing. He said it was a masterpiece, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I watched the film with an open mind and was genuinely disturbed by the horrific atmosphere and creepy body horror. I wrote it off as weird at first, but have revisited the film many times as a beloved showpiece to disturb my more conventional friends.

The film’s director and writer, David Lynch, has gone on to become a famous director with some mainstream success. (Cough, Twin Peaks, Cough). Eraserhead seems to be formed from the psychological zeitgeist of Lynch’s anxieties as he struggled with his surroundings and adulthood in his mid-to-late twenties. The film is personal and steeped in the horrors of everyday existence. The mundane is scary; the common is suspicious; and unlike heaven, on earth everything is not fine. Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween — Day 1: Orca (1977) — by Dr. Shock


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The opening 10 minutes or so of 1977’s “Orca” are exceptional, and get the movie off to a great start. Following the credits, we meet the title creatures (two of them, to be exact), who seem to be enjoying each other’s company as they swim along. While this is happening, researcher Dr. Rachel Bedford (Charlotte Rampling), in full scuba gear, is underwater collecting samples. Suddenly, a great white shark appears, causing her to hide.

Captain Nolan (Richard Harris) and the crew of his fishing boat: Novak (Keenan Wynn), Annie (Bo Derek) and Paul (Peter Hooten); spot the shark’s dorsal fin jutting out of the water, and rush forward to capture it (an aquarium will pay them top dollar for a live shark). Dr. Bedford’s assistant Ken (Robert Carradine), who was waiting in a raft for her to return, warns Captain Nolan (armed with a spear gun) that there’s a diver down below. Continue reading