31 Days of Halloween — Day 5: Alice, Sweet Alice (1976) — by Dr. Shock

Alice, Sweet Alice 1976

Editor’s note: Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker is a host on Horror Movie Podcast and the Land of the Creeps horror podcast. He is also the mastermind behind DVDInfatuation.com, a movie review blog where he is watching and posting one review every day until he reaches at least 2,500 movie reviews. Follow Doc on Twitter: @DVDinfatuation.

My good friend and fellow podcaster, Jason Pyles (aka Jay of the Dead of Horror Movie Podcast), has been singing the praises of 1976’s “Alice, Sweet Alice” for years. Yet, despite his often-passionate recommendations, this is the first time I’ve ever seen the movie. There’s no good reason why, I suppose; I just hadn’t gotten around to watching it.

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Horror Metropolis BONUS Ep. 006: Lady Killers

HM 006 ArtworkBRIEF EXPLANATION: This podcast is not the Horror Movie Podcast for which this site and feed are dedicated. Horror Movie Podcast is slated to release Episode 001 on October 25, 2013. You can read the full explanation and the background on the re-release of Horror Metropolis (and of The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast) at the bottom of the show notes for this episode.

For Episode 006 of Horror Metropolis, Jay of the Dead assembled a couple of the Horror Palace ladies for this special BONUS episode about “Lady Killers.” Jay’s special guests for this episode are BLOODY LIZZY of the Terror Troop horror movie podcast. And our other special guest is KATIE ROTS of the Rotten Rantings horror movie podcast. You won’t want to miss this show. You’ll hear some very unsettling things about Bloody Lizzy’s affinity for men of the cloth…

Horror Metropolis is typically hosted by Jay of the Dead, along with his co-hosts BillChete, Dr. Shock and Terror Tovey. But for this episode, it will just be Jay of the Dead and two prominent ladies of horror podcasting. Continue reading