Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 116: Alien Abduction Part 1 – With Director Eduardo Sánchez

Alien Abduction Part 1

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the Alien Abduction sub-genre in Horror cinema? In Episode 116 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, your hosts and special guest MATTROID (of The Sci-Fi Podcast) spend some time exploring this theme in this Part 1 of a 2-part series whose second episode will air on The Sci-Fi Podcast.com. The highlight of this episode is an interview with filmmaker Eduardo Sánchez, who is the director of Altered (2006), which we Feature Review. We also bring you a review of Alien Abduction (2014). So, if you’ve been sculpting your mashed potatoes to look like nearby laccolithic buttes, then this episode is for you. Join us (or we’ll abduct you)!

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