Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 032: Annabelle (2014) and Mutantis (2014) and Dr. Shock’s Top 10 Movies of 31 Days of Horror for October 2014

HMP032 Artwork

Finally! — The long-awaited Episode 032 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, “the Filmspotting of Horror Movies” (according to one listener), where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In this epic 4-hour Frankensteinian episode, Jay of the Dead and Dr. Shock bring you 21 horror movie reviews (most of which are recommendations!), so get ready to make a list!

First, Jay brings you a more in-depth Feature Review of Annabelle (2014), as well as a review of an unforgivable oddity called Mutantis (2014). But the Main Event of Episode 032 is Dr. Shock’s Top 10 Movies of 31 Days of Horror for October 2014, as well as Doc’s 5 additional honorable mentions. Apologies for the delayed release, but we think this will be worth the wait!

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