Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 075: The Green Inferno (2015) and Bone Tomahawk (2015) and Cannibals in Horror Cinema

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Welcome to HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies. This is Episode 075, another themed episode, where we discuss Cannibals in Horror Cinema and dissect the horrors of the other white meat. We begin with our usual, in-depth discussion and analysis of the theme itself and a number of notable film entries to the sub-genre. And we conclude with two Feature Reviews of recent entries Bone Tomahawk (2015) and Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno (2015). Join us, or we’ll eat you! Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween — Day 7: Eaten Alive! (1980) — by Dr. Shock


HMP EatenAliveEditor’s note: Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker is a host on Horror Movie Podcast and the Land of the Creeps horror podcast. He is also the mastermind behind DVDInfatuation.com, a movie review blog where he is watching and posting one review every day until he reaches at least 2,500 movie reviews. Follow Doc on Twitter: @DVDinfatuation.

After launching the cannibal craze of the ‘70s and ‘80s with Man from Deep River (1972), director Umberto Lenzi returned to the jungle once again for 1980’s Eaten Alive! Featuring a handful of scenes lifted from other movies (including Jungle Holocaust and The Mountain of the Cannibal God), which were then incorporated into its tale of a Jim Jones-like cult in New Guinea, Eaten Alive! is a gruesome bit of exploitation so incredibly off-the-wall that, at times, you won’t believe your eyes.

Upon learning that her sister, Diana (Paola Senatore), who had been traveling in the South Pacific, is missing, beautiful southern belle Sheila (Janet Agren) decides to go looking for her. With Mark (Robert Kerman), a Vietnam veteran who knows his way around a jungle, as her guide, Shelia sets off for the wilds of New Guinea, where, with Mark’s help, she discovers that Diana has joined a religious cult headed up by the charismatic Rev. Jonas (Ivan Rassimov), whose commune is smack dab in the middle of cannibal country. Continue reading

Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 064: The Found Footage Convention in Horror and an Interview With Eduardo Sánchez, Co-Director of The Blair Witch Project

Found Footage FinalHave you ever wanted to hear the HMP hosts analyze the found footage format for hours, and then interview the co-director of “The Blair Witch Project,” Eduardo Sánchez? Good. Otherwise, Episode 064 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST will be disappointing for you, because that’s exactly our agenda!

This is a special themed episode where we explore The Found Footage Convention in Horror. You’ll get in-depth discussion of the filmmaking convention with special guest Michael Steinberg of FoundFootageCritic.com, feature reviews of two recent found footage films “The Taking of Deborah Logan” (2014) and “Evidence” (2013), and even some Top 5 Found Footage Films lists from your hosts!

And our main event is an interview with Filmmaker Eduardo Sánchez. Sánchez is best known for co-directing the found footage trailblazer “The Blair Witch Project” (1999) and directing the more recent found footage Bigfoot landmark “Exists” (2014), the paranormal found footage potboiler “Seventh Moon” (2008), and the short found footage zombie segment of “V/H/S 2” (2013), titled “A Ride in the Park.”

Sánchez has also directed more traditionally shot and structured films such as the criminally underrated alien invasion nail-biter “Altered” (2006) and the paranormal horror thriller “Lovely Molly” (2011).

This episode is 3 hours and 45 minutes! Join us!

“Found Footage always gets beat up. It’s like the bastard child of Horror.” — Filmmaker Eduardo Sánchez Continue reading