Movie Podcast Network BONUS 008: 2017 Meetup Event – Better Watch Out with Director Chris Peckover

MPN Better Watch Out

Christmas comes early from the 2017 Movie Podcast Network Meetup Event in the safe neighborhood of Salt Lake City, Utah! It was an incredible event and we wish you all could have joined us. The weekend included multiple meals with hosts and listeners, trivia games, live podcasting, live music, hiking, a birthday party, group screenings of Better Watch Out (2017)—with a Filmmaker Q&A—and Tremors (1990), plus a double feature of Friday the 13th (1980) and Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1988) on the actual Friday the 13th of October 2017. Whew! Quite a weekend! You’re going to hear great live recordings from all these events in the days to come.

Here, HMP’s own Jay of the Dead, Dr. Shock and Wolfman Josh podcast with their MPN co-horts from Movie Podcast Weekly, Retro Movie Geek, Universal Monsters Cast and Movie Stream Cast in front of a live audience after a screening of Better Watch Out (2017). The panel is also joined by the film’s writer/director, Chris Peckover for a Q&A with the MPN listeners. If you’re jealous of all the fun we had at the 2017 MPN Meetup Event, you’d better watch out for the next one!
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31 Days of Halloween — Day 16: Better Watch Out (2017) — by Sal Roma

HMP Better Watch OutEditor’s note: The hosts of Horror Movie Podcast are always impressed by the knowledge and insights of our listenership in the emails and voicemails that we receive, as well as in the comments here at Once again, we’ve asked our listeners to participate in our 31 Days of Halloween by contributing written reviews. This review was submitted by a long-time listener and friend of the show who goes by the screen-name “Sal Roma” … You can follow Sal on Twitter @JTalley986 and on Letterboxd at @Sal_Roma.


Title: Better Watch Out
Year: 2017
Country: Australia
Director: Chris Peckover

Warning: Review Contains *Spoilers* – But They Are Clearly Marked.

When it comes to 2017 horror, there’s been a handful of movies I’ve been really excited about at one time or another. At the start of the year, it was Get Out. Later on in the year, it was movies such as It Comes At Night, Cult of Chucky, and even The Ice Cream Truck. However, the movie I’ve been anticipating the longest has been Better Watch Out or, as it was titled last year during it’s festival run, Safe Neighborhood. A horror movie set on Christmas and starring the two siblings from The Visit? Sounds awesome. After such a long wait, there was some fear that perhaps the film would be built up too much in my head and would ultimately become a disappointment. Much to my happiness, not only did Better Watch Out live up to the expectations, it exceeded them.

Despite being psyched for Better Watch Out for a solid year, I knew virtually nothing about it beforehand. I knew that The Visit siblings, Olivia DeJonge and Ed Oxenbould, were the two stars (which was slightly wrong since Oxenbould played the role of the best friend of the main male star). It was obviously set around Christmas time with a break-in, of some sorts, creating the main turmoil for the film. The early going is enjoyable, but slightly underwhelming as twelve year old, Luke, is desperately trying to woo his five years older babysitter, Ashley (DeJonge) prior to the break-in disturbance. Luke’s attempts to set the mood are cringey to say the least. With each attempt, it gets more and more awkward to watch while at the same time, it’s very innocent and realistic to some extent. It’s relatable to have that early crush when you have zero chance with her. The break-in with the masked intruder created some effective tension scenes as Ashley and Luke attempt to avoid being caught, but ultimately I felt the film was shaping up to be a bit too repetitive with the duo constantly having to sneak around and Luke trying to prove to Ashley that he can be the man that will save her. Due to the age difference, you know they won’t get together, so I was unsure of where they could possibly go with the story to keep it fresh. Where they went is where the massive spoilers begin. If you haven’t seen the film yet, I greatly recommend you watch it first.
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Horror Movie Podcast BONUS: Merry Christmas 2016


Jay of the Dead’s gift recommendation:
AUTOPSY (2008)

Dr. Shock’s gift recommendation:

Wolfman Josh’s gift recommendation:

– Christmas Horror 2013 (Ep 05)
Dead Snow, Devil’s Pass, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Black Christmas

Christmas Horror 2014 (Ep 37)
P2, Christmas Evil, Saint, Gremlins, Wind Chill, The Last Winter

Christmas Horror 2015 (Ep 78)
Krampus, A Christmas Horror Story, Rare Exports, Silent Night Bloody Night

Christmas Horror 2016 (Ep 107)
Good Tidings, ATM, Santa’s Slay, Don’t Open Till Christmas, Frozen

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 107: Christmas Horror (2016 edition)


Merry Christmas from HORROR MOVIE PODCAST! Episode 107 features Killer Santas and Santa Killers in our chilling 2016 edition of CHRISTMAS HORROR. Feature Reviews include new-release Christmas slasher Good Tidings (2016), classic ’80s slasher Don’t Open Till Christmas (1984), and Adam Green’s take on the popular Disney musical Frozen (2010). You’ll also get mini reviews of ATM (2012) and Santa’s Slay (2005), prize giveaways from our sponsors at Cryptocurium and Fright Rags, and feedback from the unofficial HMP After Dark screening of A Christmas Horror Story (2015).

Coming up next time: We’re bringing you Horror Movie Podcast’s Top 10 Horror Movies of 2016 as well as the Top 10 horror movies of the HMP community! Make sure you e-mail your Top 10 picks to before Jan. 1, 2017. Don’t miss this episode!

Horror Movie Podcast is typically a bi-weekly show that’s released every other Friday. If you’d like to support our show, please subscribe to our podcast free in iTunes, and leave us a review! Leave voicemails with your recommendations and comments at: (801) 382-8789 You can also follow HMP on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (kind of). Thank you for listening to Horror Movie Podcast, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies!

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Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 005: Bad Santas, Freaky Phone Calls and Klaus Kinski

HMP Sidebar Christmas 2013Merry Christmas (and Happy New Year!) from your hosts of Horror Movie Podcast! Though we had much grander plans to review several more films for this Christmas-themed episode, your hosts Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock still managed to produce a nice, 3-hour Christmas horror hodge-podge with all three of us recording together simultaneously for almost the entire duration of the episode. Our feature reviews for this show are “Black Christmas” (1974) and “Silent Night, Deadly Night” (1984).

We’ve even thrown in a couple of Mini Reviews of some new 2013 flicks, such as “Here Comes the Devil” and “The Last Days on Mars.” Also, thanks to an e-mail from Josh Miner, we list off several recommendations of horror flicks that are currently streaming on Netflix Watch Instantly! So, even though we didn’t get to cover everything we had hoped to review for you, we still think you’ll really enjoy this episode. Continue reading