Horror Movie Podcast BONUS Ep. 123: Remembering George Romero

HMP George RomeroIn this special bonus episode of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, we say goodbye to horror legend George A. Romero, who passed away on July 16, 2017. Your regular hosts, Jay of the Dead, Dr. Shock and Wolfman Josh are joined by our fourth official co-host, Dr. Walking Dead, and by special guest Gillman Joel of Universal Monsters Cast and Retro Movie Geek to share their thoughts on the man who created the modern zombie monster and some of the best zombie movies of all time.

“The Horror directors really do kind of change the world, but they do it from behind the scenes. They do it in the late-night theater, in the drive-in, in the VHS tapes. They’re not the ones winning the Academy Awards. They’re not the ones on the red carpet. They’re not the ones who get noticed.” — Kyle Bishop (aka Dr. Walking Dead) Continue reading

Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 019: The Siege Narrative and Willow Creek (2014)

HMP Sidebar SiegeBarricade your doors and board up your windows, because for HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, Episode 019, we’ll be discussing The Siege Narrative. To help us examine this story type, Jay of the Dead, Dr. Shock and Wolfman Josh broadly discuss “Night of the Living Dead,” “Maximum Overdrive,” “Tremors” and “The Mist.” But before we jump into the theme of this episode, Wolfman Josh and Jay of the Dead bring you an in-depth Feature Review of Bobcat Goldthwait’s found footage Bigfoot movie “Willow Creek” (2014).

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