Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 134: Thanksgiving Horror – Or a Lack Thereof – and Blood Rage (1987)

HMP 134 Thanksgiving Horror

This is HORROR MOVIE PODCAST … it’s not cranberry sauce! Episode 134 is an honest attempt by Jay of the Dead, Dr. Shock and Wolfman Josh to bring you a Thanksgiving Horror episode, without much luck. We do manage to have a fun conversation about why there aren’t a lot of Thanksgiving Horror films; we give you a semi-recent update on Eli Roth’s rumored Thanksgiving grindhouse film; and we bring out the only Thanksgiving big gun there is: cult classic Blood Rage (1987)!

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31 Days of Halloween — Day 12: Hostel (2005) — by Sal Roma

HMP HostelEditor’s note: The hosts of Horror Movie Podcast are always impressed by the knowledge and insights of our listenership in the emails and voicemails that we receive, as well as in the comments here at HorrorMoviePodcast.com. Once again we’ve asked our listeners to participate in our 31 Days of Halloween by contributing written reviews. This review was submitted by a long-time listener and friend of the show who goes by the screen-name “Sal Roma” … You can follow Sal on Twitter @JTalley986 and on Letterboxd at @Sal_Roma.

Title: Hostel
Year: 2005
Director: Eli Roth

Warning Review Contains Some *Spoilers*

Longtime American friends, Josh (Reeker’s Derek Richardson) and Paxton (Quarantine’s Jay Hernandez) are living it up as they backpack across Europe. Joined by their new Icelandic friend, Oli, the trio encounters a traveler known as Alexi, who promises that the real place to go is the small country of Slovakia, where they can meet and have fun with all of the hot women they could ever imagine. The promised land of Slovakia turns out to be everything the trio imagined, quickly finding a party spot and they each head off for a night of fun with a local girl.

The next day, Oli is nowhere to be found and the hostel staff that the lads are staying at claim that he abruptly left already. While Paxton is unfazed by this news, knowing that for as much fun as they had together, Oli was still a stranger, Josh is convinced that something isn’t right in this little Slovakian town. What Josh and Paxton do not know though, is that Oli is only the first to disappear with everyone eventually discovering what horrors Slovakia has to offer its foreign tourists.

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31 Days of Halloween — Day 7: Clown (2014) — by Dr. Shock

Clown 2014

Editor’s note: Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker is a host on Horror Movie Podcast and the Land of the Creeps horror podcast. He is also the mastermind behind DVDInfatuation.com, a movie review blog where he is watching and posting one review every day until he reaches at least 2,500 movie reviews. Follow Doc on Twitter: @DVDinfatuation.

Before it was a movie, “Clown” was a mock trailer created by first-time director Jon Watts, who had some fun with it by claiming the phony film was “produced by horror master Eli Roth.” Calling it a “ballsy” move, Roth (who had never met Watts) decided to actually get involved (as producer), giving the young filmmaker a chance to turn his short into a feature-length motion picture.

And as killer clown movies go, this one’s a doozy! Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween — Day 3: The Green Inferno (2015) — by Dr. Shock

The Green Inferno 2015

Editor’s note: Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker is a host on Horror Movie Podcast and the Land of the Creeps horror podcast. He is also the mastermind behind DVDInfatuation.com, a movie review blog where he is watching and posting one review every day until he reaches at least 2,500 movie reviews. Follow Doc on Twitter: @DVDinfatuation.

The Cannibal Films of the ‘70s and ‘80s (such as “The Man from Deep River,” “Jungle Holocaust,” and of course, the granddaddy of them all, “Cannibal Holocaust”) were notorious for their violence, some of which was very real. With “The Green Inferno,” writer / director Eli Roth succeeds in bringing the subgenre into modern times without diluting its shock value, giving his audience plenty of the blood and gore that made these earlier films so infamous while, at the same time, providing us with characters and situations that fit neatly into the 21st century. Continue reading

Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 093: Clown (2016) and Carnage Park (2016) and The Vast Pokémon Go Conspiracy

HMP 93 Pokemon Go Clown Carnage Park

Shhhh… They’re listening. (Not you guys, but “Them.”) Beware, this is not a secure connection … Therefore, these show notes are written in code … Plus, I can’t type as well with this Pikachu standing on my arm… Welcome to Episode 093 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In this wacky, paranoid Frankensteinian episode, you’ll hear Feature Reviews of Clown (2016) and Carnage Park (2016).

In this episode you’ll also hear Jay of the Dead have a paranoid meltdown about so-called “conspiracies,” such as Pokémon Go, chemtrails and creepy Google Maps images. To help us clown around with these discussions, we introduce a first-time appearance from special guest Riva the Ripper! Poor Wolfman Josh is along for the whole ride, but Dr. Shock was lucky is only implicated in a short segment in this episode. We also bring you a sneak peek review of Rob Zombie’s 31 (2016), courtesy of Kagan Breitenbach, HMP listener from SLC who saw the film at Sundance back in January. And it if that was enough creepy clown talk, we also talk some trash about the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s It. Join us (unless you’re already with Them)! Continue reading

Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 075: The Green Inferno (2015) and Bone Tomahawk (2015) and Cannibals in Horror Cinema

HMP Cannibals Art 3

Welcome to HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies. This is Episode 075, another themed episode, where we discuss Cannibals in Horror Cinema and dissect the horrors of the other white meat. We begin with our usual, in-depth discussion and analysis of the theme itself and a number of notable film entries to the sub-genre. And we conclude with two Feature Reviews of recent entries Bone Tomahawk (2015) and Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno (2015). Join us, or we’ll eat you! Continue reading

31 Days of Halloween – Day 3: Lost After Dark (2015) – by Wolfman Josh

Lost After DarkEditor’s note: Wolfman Josh is a host on Horror Movie Podcast and Movie Stream Cast. He is also a television producer and an award-winning documentary filmmaker. You can follow Josh on Twitter: @IcarusArts

Lost After Dark starts out strong with a virginal “Survivor Girl,” played by Kendra Timmins, primping for her high school ball at what I swear is the same bedroom vanity as the one Jae uses in It Follows (and is probably the same one from Nancy’s bedroom in A Nightmare on Elm Street and Sideny’s bedroom in Scream as well). This is Adrienne and the year is 1984. Adrienne’s father comes in briefly to give us some backstory about her deadbeat mom and let us know what a protective parent he is before she’s off for the big dance–at least for awhile. Continue reading

Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 018: Sometimes Horror Is About the Absence of Peace

HMP018 Artwork

Episode 018 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST is a two-hander with Jay of the Dead and Dr. Shock. (Wolfman Josh was in flight and en route as we were recording.) So, this is another motley mix of Frankensteinian fun. And we’ll just ask ahead of time: Forgive us for spending so much time giggling about terrible movies… It’s a weakness of ours. Remember Jan-Gel?

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Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 003: Turkeys, Zombies and Danielle Harris

HMP003 ArtworkHappy Thanksgiving! Episode 003 is our first hodge-podge or Frankensteinian episode, where we record a bunch of different, random, horror-related content and just paste it all together in one grand show. But your three hosts — Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock — review more than 30 horror films for you, so you’ll have plenty of movies to check out over the next two weeks.

In this episode, you’ll hear Wolfman and Jay of the Dead review a new documentary called “Birth of the Living Dead,” which is about George Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead.” Wolfman and Jay also discuss when monsters don’t look like monsters, and we theorize on why there was only one major horror release in theaters during October 2013. Dr. Shock gives you his top 20 horror picks from the Aughts, Wolfman Josh reviews a couple of bad, killer turkey movies, and Jay of the Dead discusses three Danielle Harris flicks. We hope you enjoy this horror feast over Thanksgiving! Please subscribe in iTunes, spread the word for us, and thanks for listening. Continue reading