Special Features 001: 15 Film Gems That Even You Cinephiles Probably Haven’t Seen (But Should)

CurtainsATTN: HORROR FANS — On behalf of our MOVIE PODCAST NETWORK, Horror Movie Podcast would like to present our first ever SPECIAL FEATURES bonus episode for your listening pleasure. Here are the only four things you need to know:

1. Horror Movie Podcast will continue to be a FREE podcast (and it always will be).

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4. Not ALL of these Special Features BONUS episodes will be strictly Horror. Many shows will probably have no Horror at all. This first episode, however, keeps it real and includes a couple of obscure Horror flicks that we think you’ll enjoy. And not to worry, Horror Movie Podcast and Universal Monsters Cast will definitely provide Horror-centric BONUS episodes, and from time to time, you may even get some Horror from The Sci-Fi Podcast, Movie Stream Cast and Retro Movie Geek Podcast.

To promote Movie Podcast Network and our new Special Features feed, we have released this first episode for free across the entire Network. But rest assured, all your favorite MPN podcasts will resume their regular releases of their episodes immediately. Thanks for listening. Continue reading