Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 096: Horror Down Under – Australian Horror Cinema

HMP Australian Horror
Welcome to HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies. This is Episode 096, another of our themed episodes and the first of our “Horror Around the World” series. This time, we bring you some thunder from down under to discuss Australian Horror Cinema. We begin with our usual, in-depth discussion when Jay of the Dead and Dr. Shock talk about the theme and a number of notable films. And then we bring you three Feature Reviews of Aussie horror flicks, each hand-picked by one of your hosts. First, Dr. Shock brings you his review of The Tunnel (2011). Next, Wolfman Josh talks The Loved Ones (2012). And Jay of the Dead wraps up our feature review portion of the show with his review of Wolf Creek (2005). Finally, we conclude with Jay and Dave giving you their Top 5 Favorite Aussie Horror Movies lists. Join us, or we’ll feed you to the dingos!

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