Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 101: The 1980s Slasher Film Movement Part 1 — 1980-1981


Right now, he’s out there. Watching, waiting… Don’t look … he’ll see you. Don’t breathe … he’ll hear you. Don’t move … you’re dead! —The Burning (1981)

At long last, HORROR MOVIE PODCAST is finally bringing you our themed episodes on The 1980s Slasher Film Movement, because we’re Dead Serious About Slasher Movies… In Episode 101 here, Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock are joined by the original Creepture himself, from Wilmington, North Carolina, slasher expert GregaMortis from Land of the Creeps horror podcast!

We take about three and a half hours to discuss the phenomenon that is the ’80s Slasher Film Movement, and we hit some of the ’80s Slashers highlights from 1980 and 1981. We also bring you three Feature Reviews of The Boogey Man (1980) and The Prowler (1981) and The Burning (1981). This episode is a must-listen! Join us! Continue reading

Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 010: Bloody Valentines, Nasty Nurses and the Scariness of Gas Station Hot Dogs

HMP Sidebar ValentinesWelcome to our Valentine’s Day episode of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… Because we love our listeners, this show is 4 hours and 28 minutes long! In Episode 010, we finally fulfill a couple of requests from Mangloid to provide in-depth reviews of both “My Bloody Valentine” movies. And we also (finally!) get around to reviewing “Cold Prey” and “Cold Prey 2.” Special guest Willis Wheeler joins Jay of the Dead to review “Nurse 3D,” and we also give you some ranting about the horrible low-budget horror offerings at Redbox, some ideas for arranging your horror collection on your shelves and our thoughts on re-watching movies.

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Horror Movie Podcast is a bi-weekly show that’s released every other Friday, but this particular episode is a bonus release. If you’d like to support our show, please subscribe to our podcast free in iTunes, and leave us a review! Thanks for listening to Horror Movie Podcast! Continue reading