Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 069: Sinister 2 (2015) and No Escape (2015) and Alien Abduction (2014) and The Visit (2015)

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It’s HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… Episode 069 is another of our Frankensteinian episodes where we bring you a mad mix of reviews, including Sinister 2 (2015) and Jay’s survival horror recommendation, No Escape (2015). One Sick Puppy of the Dead as Hell Horror Podcast joins Jay for those reviews.

Dr. Shock also brings us a review of the found footage flick, Alien Abduction (2014).

And we have a great surprise with a very special guest — The Wolfman’s wife, Rachel (aka Rach-Hell, aka The She-Wolf) of Movie Stream Cast — who helps us review M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit (2015).

We also bring you the remaining portion of an interview with the Found Footage Critic, Michael Steinberg. Join us! Continue reading

Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 063: A Horror Fan’s Plea to Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions or: “Jay of the Dead’s 13 Principles for Making an Effective Horror Film”

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This episode is dedicated to Producer Jason Blum.

In this unusual edition of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies, Jay of the Dead attempts to save the future of horror cinema by delivering an open letter-style address to Producer Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions, arguably the most important Producer in horror today, in hopes that he will listen to this episode and consider implementing these good-natured suggestions to improve the overall quality of his future productions.

The Background: Last weekend, Jay saw the latest paranormal, found-footage Blumhouse flick called “The Gallows,” and its utter failure as a quality horror film inspired Jay to finally openly express his concerns with the direction of contemporary horror cinema and to publicly provide a list of foundational filmmaking tips that he calls, “Jay of the Dead’s 13 Principles for Making an Effective Horror Film.”

Jay and Josh conclude the show with Feature Reviews of two of the most recent Blumhouse Productions, “The Gallows” and “Creep.” If you’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies,” this is a must-listen! Join us! Continue reading

Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 020: Deliver Us From Evil (2014) and Horror on the Fourth of July

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Better late than never! We’re finally bringing you HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, Episode 020 a week behind schedule… Sorry! Jay of the Dead’s computer died, and we were delayed a week from our anticipated July 4, 2014 release. To celebrate Independence Day, we put together an episode of “Horror on the Fourth of July.” Wolfman Josh and Jay of the Dead also bring you a review of “Deliver Us From Evil” (2014). Join us! Thanks for listening.

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“Deliver Us From Evil” (2014) Movie Review

Preface from Jay of the Dead: Where is Episode 020?
Horror Movie Podcast, Episode 020 was due to release on July 4, 2014. But on my birthday, July 2, my computer died just two hours before we were going to record the show. Long story short: You will still get Episode 020 in all its glory, but unfortunately, it will release a week late: next Friday, July 11, 2014. The good news? Episode 021 will release the following Friday, July 18, and it’s another themed episode! Our apologies for the week-long delay, but we’ll be back on schedule soon. It’s especially frustrating because Episode 020 is a “Horror on the Fourth of July”-themed episode that was intended to be released on July 4. So, in order to cover the newest horror films in theaters, Jay of the Dead has gone “old school” and provided you a written movie review of “Deliver Us From Evil” below.

Deliver Us From Evil movie review

Deliver Us From Evil (2014) Movie Review

Review by Jay of the Dead
Horror Movie Podcast.com

The Premise:
In real life, New York City police officer Ralph Sarchie spent most of his career dividing his time between typical police work for the department and his other work as a demonologist who investigated cases of possession and helped perform exorcisms — again, in real life — I’m not making this stuff up. In 2001, he co-wrote a book with Lisa Collier Cool called “Beware the Night” about his experiences with true crimes associated directly with demonic influences. Some of Sarchie’s chronicles described in this book have been adapted to film by horror director Scott Derrickson and Paul Harris Boardman. And that film, “Deliver Us From Evil,” was released in theaters on July 2, 2014. Continue reading

Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 018: Sometimes Horror Is About the Absence of Peace

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Episode 018 of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST is a two-hander with Jay of the Dead and Dr. Shock. (Wolfman Josh was in flight and en route as we were recording.) So, this is another motley mix of Frankensteinian fun. And we’ll just ask ahead of time: Forgive us for spending so much time giggling about terrible movies… It’s a weakness of ours. Remember Jan-Gel?

Be sure to vote on Dr. Shock’s provocative poll question below:

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