“Deliver Us From Evil” (2014) Movie Review

Preface from Jay of the Dead: Where is Episode 020?
Horror Movie Podcast, Episode 020 was due to release on July 4, 2014. But on my birthday, July 2, my computer died just two hours before we were going to record the show. Long story short: You will still get Episode 020 in all its glory, but unfortunately, it will release a week late: next Friday, July 11, 2014. The good news? Episode 021 will release the following Friday, July 18, and it’s another themed episode! Our apologies for the week-long delay, but we’ll be back on schedule soon. It’s especially frustrating because Episode 020 is a “Horror on the Fourth of July”-themed episode that was intended to be released on July 4. So, in order to cover the newest horror films in theaters, Jay of the Dead has gone “old school” and provided you a written movie review of “Deliver Us From Evil” below.

Deliver Us From Evil movie review

Deliver Us From Evil (2014) Movie Review

Review by Jay of the Dead
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The Premise:
In real life, New York City police officer Ralph Sarchie spent most of his career dividing his time between typical police work for the department and his other work as a demonologist who investigated cases of possession and helped perform exorcisms — again, in real life — I’m not making this stuff up. In 2001, he co-wrote a book with Lisa Collier Cool called “Beware the Night” about his experiences with true crimes associated directly with demonic influences. Some of Sarchie’s chronicles described in this book have been adapted to film by horror director Scott Derrickson and Paul Harris Boardman. And that film, “Deliver Us From Evil,” was released in theaters on July 2, 2014. Continue reading