Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 133: Jigsaw (2017) and Gerald’s Game (2017) and The Bad Batch (2017) and Boys in the Trees (2017) and The Babysitter (2017) and Death Note (2017)

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It’s alive! Another Frankensteinian episode of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In Episode 132, Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock bring you Feature Reviews of Jigsaw (2017) and Gerald’s Game (2017). Josh and Dave also bring you a slew of mini-reviews of recent horror films like The Bad Batch (2017), Boys in the Trees (2017), The Babysitter (2017), Death Note (2017), 1922 (2017), Amityville Horror: The Awakening (2017), The Evil Within (2017)Little Evil (2017), We Go On (2016) and more!

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31 Days of Halloween — Day 27: The Evil Within (2017) — by Dr. Shock

31 Days of Halloween - The Evil Within (2017)

Editor’s note: Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker is a host on Horror Movie Podcast, Universal Monsters Cast and Land of the Creeps horror podcasts. He is also the mastermind behind DVDInfatuation.com, a movie review blog where he is watching and posting one review every day until he reaches at least 2,500 movie reviews. Follow Doc on Twitter: @DVDinfatuation.

I was about three-fourths of the way through 2017’s The Evil Within when I received one hell of a surprise.

It happened as two of the film’s characters, John (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Lydia (Dina Meyer), were having lunch in a neighborhood restaurant. For most of the morning, the couple couldn’t shake the feeling that something strange was going on, mostly because they didn’t recognize anyone in town… a town they’d both lived in for years.

Suddenly, John lets out a sigh of relief; he thinks he spots his psychiatrist, Dr. Preston (Francis Guinan), at a nearby table. John walks over, says hello, and pats the doctor on the back. Only it isn’t Dr. Preston; it’s a large man, well over 7 feet tall, who is none too happy that his meal has been interrupted. The moment this man stood up and turned around, I recognized the actor playing him: It was Matthew McGrory, who had portrayed Tiny in Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects. Continue reading