Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 133: Jigsaw (2017) and Gerald’s Game (2017) and The Bad Batch (2017) and Boys in the Trees (2017) and The Babysitter (2017) and Death Note (2017)

HMP132 Art

It’s alive! Another Frankensteinian episode of HORROR MOVIE PODCAST, where we’re Dead Serious About Horror Movies… In Episode 132, Jay of the Dead, Wolfman Josh and Dr. Shock bring you Feature Reviews of Jigsaw (2017) and Gerald’s Game (2017). Josh and Dave also bring you a slew of mini-reviews of recent horror films like The Bad Batch (2017), Boys in the Trees (2017), The Babysitter (2017), Death Note (2017), 1922 (2017), Amityville Horror: The Awakening (2017), The Evil Within (2017)Little Evil (2017), We Go On (2016) and more!

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31 Days of Halloween – Day 10: Mine Games (2014) – by Wolfman Josh

Mine GamesEditor’s note: Wolfman Josh is a host on Horror Movie Podcast and Movie Stream Cast. He is also a television producer and an award-winning documentary filmmaker. You can follow Josh on Twitter: @IcarusArts This review contains some carefully approached spoilers.

At the very least, Mine Games is a movie that lives up to its punny title—because Mine Games is a total mind … you know what.

We start out with the most contrived of standard set-ups. A group of friends—replete with plenty of doucehy guys and plenty of the hot chicks that they want to hook-up with—drive to a secluded cabin in the woods for a wild weekend. On the way there Michael, the driver played by Joseph Cross (former child actor all grown up), gets lost and then, in his frustration, almost runs over a person standing in the middle of the street, waving for assistance. Michael swerves off the road, crashes his van, the figure mysteriously disappears—strange—and the group decides they’d better carry on to the cabin by foot and return for the van in the morning.

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