The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast Ep. 011: They Die Burning

TWHMP 011 ArtworkBRIEF EXPLANATION: This podcast is not the Horror Movie Podcast for which this site and feed are dedicated. Horror Movie Podcast is slated to release Episode 001 on October 25, 2013. You can read the full explanation and the background on the re-release of The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast (and of Horror Metropolis) at the bottom of the show notes for this episode.


Here it is — Episode 011 — our Listener-Suggestion show, where our two Blu-ray winners, Barry Lewis and Tori Hume chose our four movies for this week. The Weekly Horror Movie Podcast is hosted by Jay of the Dead, BillChete, Dr. Shock, Terror Tovey and Midnight Corey. This is a weekly podcast where each host typically assigns a horror movie to another one of the hosts, round-robin style, with one host sitting out each week. But this is a special episode where we’ll check out some listener picks! Continue reading