31 Days of Halloween — Day 24: Welcome to Willits (2017) — by The Gray Man

31 Days of Halloween - Welcome to Willits (2017)

Editor’s note: The hosts of Horror Movie Podcast are always impressed by the knowledge and insights of our listenership in the emails and voicemails that we receive, as well as in the comments here at HorrorMoviePodcast.com. Once again, we’ve asked our listeners to participate in our 31 Days of Halloween by contributing written reviews. This review was submitted by listener The Gray Man, whom you can follow on Twitter @Qua419

IMDB Summary: Deep in the Northern California woods, in the heart of the notorious Emerald Triangle, lies a remote cabin. The residents struggle to fight off the repeated attacks and abductions by mysterious creatures that have plagued them for years. When a local pot farmer is caught up with a wayward group of campers, the situation quickly escalates into total chaos.

With that summary Welcome to Willits (2017) caught my attention. I felt like, this is my kind of a film. Dolph Lundgren, alien on the poster, pot farmer caught up into chaos… I’ll give it a whirl. As the movie started, I thought, this might be comedic. Instantly… no. This is going to be played serious with interludes of humor, none of which is funny.

The acting is sub-par. Dolph Lundgren is the best part of the film and his role is a cop on a television show. The main problem I had with this film, it had zero direction. The story was all over the place, with no good starting point. The summary covers what the film should have been about. Continue reading