Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013)

Verdict: 5.5 ( Rental )

Premise: “Texas Chainsaw 3D” is an alternate sequel to the original, Tobe Hooper masterpiece, “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,” from 1974. After the lone survivor of the primary film escapes and reports her ordeal to the police, the Sawyer family is under siege. And in the process of the community’s attack, baby girl Sawyer is kidnapped and raised elsewhere. Then the film jumps forward nearly 40 years later to present-day 2012, where this now grown, adopted Sawyer girl receives the Sawyer homestead as an inheritance. But when she and her friends visit her new home, they find themselves in danger of Leatherface.

Mini Review: Laying aside some nonsensical inconsistencies, such as this almost 40-year-old lead character appearing to be half that age, “Texas Chainsaw” is a passable horror film that does nothing to expand upon the other entries in the franchise, but at least it’s better than “Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation” (1994). The biggest problem with this latest installment is that it shifts from having Leatherface be a formidable monster to transforming him into a sympathetic anti-hero. Another huge mistake this film makes is the way it opens with all the greatest hits highlights from the 1974 version, setting the bar unreachably high for everything that follows. There are a couple of notable kills, but in the end, “Texas Chainsaw 3D” is a low-priority rental, even for fans of the franchise.

Directed by John Luessenhop. Starring Alexandra Daddario, Dan Yeager, Tania Raymonde. Sub-genre: Slasher. Runtime: 92 min. MPAA rating: R (for strong grisly violence and language throughout). U.S. theater release: January 4, 2013. DVD release: n/a. Country: U.S. Language: English. Mini Review by Jay of the Dead. 0001.

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